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This is a podcasts website.  It’s educational website regarding to Real Estate, and Work.

Welcome to Real Estate and Work!!!

There are things in the world is not complex, but live in the world does. Do you live somewhere? Or work?  Some times are you feeling the world is going against you?  The HOA or city denies your request of doing something to enhance your living situation? Your work place where you had a nice job but not feeling satisfied?

I have many problems like that.  After college graduation, work at several jobs, which has many different type of jobs.  Slowly and work hard sometimes, but doesn’t have the same enjoyment.   Most of time, there are something missing at job, and there are feeling of not able to do anything.   I can deal with doing same every day, which all job does that, but why? Now we can use this format to discuss issues and we can find ways to enhance personal ability, and possibility of enjoyment.

Since people have to live somewhere, there are many questions people been asking me on various questions as Realtor responding to those questions, so I will use this site to answer those questions.

But most importantly, to help listener and me, I will invite professional in the business and have a wonderful talk with them to learn and update our knowledge.

This website is purely informational, we don’t give recommendation, and it’s up to you to verify and use the information you would need.

Thank you, and please enjoy.


David Chen

Realtor® – CalBRE# 01918420     


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