010 Sellers to do’s check list

How does a property seller increase the property price? what need to be done to seems like the higher value property compares to other ones?  today,  the quick and dirty check list for the seller on what should be done, would be done, and something maybe nice to do to enhance the property for massive amount of customer, and get the top dollars for the property with smooth transaction!!!

Should Dos

• De-clutter rooms • Empty closets • “White Glove” clean • Neutralize look • Address pet stains • Remove valuables • Remove/re-arrange furniture items • Pack unnecessary clothes/items
Would Dos
• Minor Repairs • Mechanicals must be working order • Paint in neutrals • Remove dated wallpaper • Update hardware • Replace old carpets & old linoleum • Focus – curb appeal • Replace bathroom mats/curtain/towels
Nice to dos
• Major Repairs • Organize garage • Organize basement • Organize & empty kitchen cabinets • Update doors • Update cabinets • Replace windows • Service/repair furnace • Update toilets & bathroom vanities

Quick Fixes To Increase Value
• Buff up curb appeal
• Enrich with color
• Upgrade the kitchen & bath
• Add crown molding
• Buff up hardwood floors
• Clean out, organize closets
• Update window treatements
• Repair items that need fixing

009 Mello Roose

What’s The Mello Roos?  Why do some of California property owners need to pay for additional item in the special assessment which identified as Mello Roos?  what’s Bond?  What does Mello roos pay for and how does it work?  why does property owner need to pay for that item? Is it necessary or you can get away without paying for it?  today we will have a small discussion regarding to these service.

007 Ambitious and Content

Ambitious and Content, is a completely different point of view, and it’s 2 side of a coin.  Why is this the topic, what can this help with work, maybe in life?  a lot, but it’s a concept that might be beneficial for people who is dis-satisfied with work, working life, and livelihood.   There are many way to live, but understand and see how to be both Ambitious and Content maybe one of the way to help out, and this is one of small & quick information you might be able to use.  This is not an advise, but just a small information maybe utilize and help improve thinking process.