Announcement of Real Estate Information Video on Website.

Announcement of Real Estate Information Video on Website.

Due to a lot of my client asking a lot of questions that would be interesting for both my clients and potential property buyer or seller, I decide to work with to produce Real Estate Information Videos.  The videos will be basic Real Estate definitions, questions, how to, and many other topics.  It will be in both English and Chinese (Mandarin), also will be on Both You-tube and Podcast.

This is a important step to enhance the knowledge of buyers, sellers, and how to property go through the purchase process.

I am not a lawyer, or a contractor, just a Real Estate agent, so I would only present in this fashion.  But in the future, I do will do some interview that will help with specific information related in such specialists.

The Video will slowing showing up in the website, and will link to this website for syndication.

Thank you

David Chen

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